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Our services

Our services

Using the experience of its experts, Our team has always tried to provide the best solutions in the field of digital marketing services.

Google Ads

Our Company with its experienced and professional experts is one of the Google Ads Agencies and can optimize your Advertising campaign at a very reasonable cost. Google ads is one of the best digital marketing solutions; if implemented in an optimal way with low cost, it can evolve different businesses.


(Search Engine Optimization)

Would you like the right target group to find your website on Google? You can do this with search engine optimization (on-page and off-page optimization) - and we will help you!
SEO can increase your Google ranking for relevant search terms in your industry and thereby gain new potential customers.

Digital Marketing

We are a highly specialized service company that provides advice, conception, planning, content marketing, and Social media marketing of digital advertising.

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Our team is always one step ahead with clever solutions and individual strategies.

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Melkna with the dynamic and flexible team can help you to improve and grow your online presence with the knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine advertising.



Compare our prices with other companies, it is our goal to provide the right services with the right price to individuals.


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Our clients

It is our honor to work with any size of the company and grow their business with the fast and efficient methods

  • It is been a while that I am working with Melkna agency and I can feel the difference between them and the other companies which I worked with, they actually reduce my google ads campaign overall CPC and increase your impression share
    Leonard Baxley
  • Working and communicating with Melkna is always extremely pleasant and professional. The team not only successfully implements our projects and tasks but has also provided some idea about how our business can become even more profitable
    Andre Dury
  • We feel that we are in excellent hands with Melkna - not only in terms of technical competence. The effort on search engine optimization has also brought many new and, above all, attractive members organically.
    Jacob Levings

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